Our plant-based luxury yoga mats pair minimalist, elegant aesthetics with purposeful functionality so that you can practice without sacrificing your sense of style. Crafted with sustainably sourced natural materials our mats are non-slip and comfortable, making practising easy.

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Inspired by the concept of the natural home, we envision a life where exercise equipment can play a role in home decor while offering a sense of connection with nature.

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All businesses have an impact on the environment. No one is perfect and neither are we. As a new brand however, we are committed to following sustainable practices.

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'This cork mat gets a ten out of ten rating from me, and I definitely recommend it!'

- Steph Cabrera, Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Coach

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Our architectural rendering hub, a place to find inspiration for the workout space of your dreams.


'There is something incredibly appealing to the senses about the wabi-sabi (beautifully imperfect) finish of a cork fabric like this' - Matt Aspiotis Morley, Founder of Biofit

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    'Specialising in creating nature-based workout products that are sustainable, Noveme also aims to create equipment that can add to your home decor.'

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    'These mats have a velvety-soft texture that is smooth and warm to the touch, and a pleasant, slightly sweet odour, all of which combined provide amazing sensory experiences.'