Welcome to our architectural rendering hub, a place to find inspiration for the workout space of your dreams.

Inspired by the concept of the natural home, we envision a life where exercise equipment can play a role in home decor while offering a sense of connection with nature.

Noveme Spaces are our vision turned into (digital) reality by talented visual artists.

Noveme Home Yoga Studio


This rendering depicts the luxury yoga room of our dreams – a calm and soothing space surrounded by natural elements.

Biophilic details such as natural materials, earth colours and plants have been included throughout to create a nature-inspired space for a workout in tune with nature.

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Noveme Home Gym


This rendering depicts the home gym of our dreams – a space to work out, connect with yourself and nature and breathe.

This luxury home gym design offers the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity.

It’s a mindful space where you can work out and chill while enjoying a peaceful nature-like experience thanks to biophilic design elements, such as natural exercise equipment, calming colours and plants – lots of plants!

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