luxury home yoga studio featuring two noveme natural yoga mats


This rendering, created by CG artist Ekaterina Amato for Noveme, depicts the luxury yoga room of our dreams – a calm and soothing space surrounded by natural elements.

Biophilic details such as natural materials, earth colours and plants have been included throughout to create a nature-inspired space for a workout in tune with nature.

I really love to use natural beige components and details in interiors. They always remind us that we are in the warm and caring hands of nature’, Ekaterina says. ‘Built-in shelves are my favourite detail; the stone and wooden floor and ceramic vases create a cosy and comfortable feel’.

The minimalist interior of this home yoga studio features a few Noveme Yoga Mats crafted from the highest quality natural cork, a handful of yoga props and some decorations. All elements have been carefully selected to create a visually pleasing and functional space.

When I saw these cork yoga mats, I immediately knew what interior we were looking for. It should be a restful and beautiful place where we can narrow our focus and look inward’, says Ekaterina.

Our Natural Yoga Mat is a statement piece. I wanted this visualisation to show how beautifully it could be integrated into the decor of a home yoga studio and Ekaterina nailed it. I’m in love with the final result!’, says Diana Tavares, Noveme’s founder. 

Views of the garden welcome plenty of natural light and fresh air, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

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Yogi with a Noveme cork yoga mat on her lap


Handcrafted from high-quality natural materials, our Natural Yoga Mat combines elegance and functionality, featuring a 100% natural cork top layer and a natural tree rubber base.

More than a visually-pleasing piece of exercise equipment, this cork yoga mat offers exceptional performance, allowing you to move freely during your practice, becoming grippier the more you sweat.

Ideal for yoga, Pilates and general exercise.

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