Noveme is a female-founded, independent brand based in London.

The brand was founded in November 2021 born from the desire to create superior quality yoga equipment made of natural, sustainable materials for a comfortable and enjoyable yoga practice in tune with nature.

More than just functional and expertly-crafted yoga equipment, Noveme aims to create beautiful exercise goods that can also be part of the home decor.


Inspired by the Latin word ‘novem’, which means nine, our name honours the cork harvesting process — the main material of our products, which takes place every nine years as cork oaks reach maturity.


Hi, I’m Diana, a digital marketing consultant, yoga practitioner, and more recently, the founder of Noveme.

Yoga has been part of my exercise routine for years. More than just exercise, it has helped my body and mind over the years. As a digital marketing professional, life can be quite stressful, and my daily yoga practice became a priority for my physical and mental health. It's a moment to stretch, relieve the pain caused by sitting for long periods of time, and relax from all the accumulated stress and anxiety.

However, something was spoiling my practice - my yoga mat! Like most of you, I acquired an affordable yoga mat for my home practice, but as someone who gets sweaty hands and feet easily, my practice wasn’t enjoyable. Either I was counting the seconds to end a downward facing dog or battling with a towel that would interfere with all my movements. Plus, after 6 months, my ‘affordable’ yoga mat was already showing heavy signs of wear and tear.

One morning, during my yoga practice, I decided to start the journey that led to the launch of Noveme. My goal? To find a durable, high-quality, non-slip yoga mat. After months of research, looking for the best materials and partners, our debut product, the Natural Yoga Mat, was born. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Diana x


    We select high-quality natural materials that are resistant to wear and tear, creating premium exercise equipment that will stand the test of time.


    All businesses have an impact on the environment. No one is perfect, and neither are we. As a new, independent brand, however, we are committed to following sustainable practices. We believe sustainability is no longer an option but an obligation.


    We produce our products in small batches to avoid overproduction and minimise our impact on the environment. We are able to achieve this by working with family-owned businesses that share our core values.


    We're committed to avoiding the use of plastic. Currently, we're proud to be a plastic-free business from production to delivery.


    We aim to create beautiful exercise goods that can also be part of your home decor.


    We advocate exercise for wellbeing. All pieces in our yoga equipment collection are made of natural, non-toxic materials that offer sensorial moments and a sense of connection with nature, proven to enhance overall wellbeing and happiness.

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