With most of us spending more time at home and seeing the boundaries between leisure, work and exercise spaces blur, exercise equipment has become a part of our everyday surroundings. 

Inspired by the concept of the natural home, we envision a life where exercise equipment can play a role in home decor while offering a sense of connection with nature – proven to enhance our overall wellbeing and happiness. 

The Natural Yoga Mat, our debut product, aims to do just that. This plant-based yoga mat pairs minimalist, elegant aesthetics with purposeful functionality so that you can practice without sacrificing your sense of style.


noveme cork yoga mat

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Allying premium quality with sustainability.



It all starts in Portugal with the work of descortiçadores – highly skilled professionals who carefully harvest the bark from the cork oak tree by hand using only an axe. As the world’s best-paid seasonal agricultural job, it is carried out with no machinery involved and without any trees being felled or damaged during the process.

The best cork is then selected to produce the cork fabric – a high-quality fabric handcrafted from thin slices of cork obtained directly from the bark, which is then used to make our mat’s top layer.

The base is made from natural tree rubber – a plant-based material made by extracting a liquid-sap (latex) from the Hevea tree – to add stability and cushioning for maximum comfort.



Most yoga mats on the market today are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – one of the most commonly used types of plastics because of its highly versatile and low-cost material. PVC is neither recyclable nor biodegradable and can be harmful to the environment and human health because of the hazardous chemicals released throughout its lifecycle of production, use and disposal. 

Not only are the materials we select to produce the Natural Yoga Mat durable, but they are also renewable, biodegradable and free from hazardous and toxic substances. Hence, it is safe for human health and is environmentally sustainable.

Each mat is handcrafted in small batches, with minimum use of machinery – mainly powered with the use of renewable energy (solar panels) and packed without the use of any plastics. From harvesting to production, we rely on a qualified and ethically responsible workforce.



All orders are delivered in plastic-free packaging made from recycled or recyclable materials. Plus, our eco-friendly thank-you card is fully compostable and can be planted because it contains wildflowers seeds.


noveme cork yoga mat



No more slipping in Downward-Facing Dog!


The properties of cork make it the perfect material to produce the best yoga mat. Here’s why:

  • Hypoallergenic: Cork does not absorb dust, so it naturally prevents the appearance of dust mites. Ideal for use by people who suffer from allergies.
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal: Thanks to cork’s antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal inherent properties, it requires minimal cleaning.
  • Odour resistant: Cork is chemically inert, retaining neutrality of taste and odour.
  • Anti-Slip: The waxy substances present in its cell walls make cork impermeable. For this reason, this non-slip yoga mat offers excellent grip – neither hands nor feet will slip, even during the most sweltering of yoga sessions.
  • Soft and warm touch: Warm and smooth to the touch, cork combines a velvety-soft texture with a pleasant, light sweet fragrance, providing an amazing sensory experience.


model doing downward facing dog on a noveme cork yoga mat



A statement piece that can take part in home decor


The Natural Yoga Mat is a statement piece. Being made of cork – a natural raw material – each mat features a unique pattern, designed by nature, that makes it a visually-pleasing piece of exercise equipment: one that can be proudly displayed in any living space and even inspire more exercise. 


noveme cork yoga mat next to a chair




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