We are happy to announce the introduction of two yoga accessories to our luxury yoga equipment collection – the cork yoga block and cork roller.


noveme cork yoga accessories placed on a concrete floor



Yoga blocks are one of the most useful yoga props, as they provide support and help with alignment.

Our cork yoga blocks are unique because they’re handcrafted using unprocessed pieces of raw cork bark and hand-assembled by an artisan.

Each Noveme cork yoga block is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and sweat-resistant, offering a non-slip, comfortable and firm grip.

As part of our dedication to creating the best yoga accessories, we intentionally produce our yoga blocks from natural cork, one of the world’s most sustainable and durable materials.

Our Cork Yoga Blocks are more than a yoga prop since they have also been thoughtfully designed to enhance your home decor.


two noveme cork yoga blocks placed on a concrete floor



Our Cork Roller is a multi-purpose tool that can be used by and benefit almost everyone. It can be used as a yoga prop for extra relief to your joints when in an uncomfortable position or placed on the ground to aid balance. It functions as a self-massage tool that helps relieve muscle pain, prevent injuries and improve mobility.

Like our Cork Yoga Blocks, the Cork Roller is a unique piece created using naturally sourced materials. Each roller is handcrafted using unprocessed pieces of cork and hand-assembled by an artisan. For this reason, each roller is unique, with minor variations that do not affect functionality.


one noveme cork roller placed on a concrete floor



‘Wabi-sabi’ is a Japanese term that means finding beauty in imperfection.

Our yoga mats and accessories celebrate the beauty in every aspect of imperfection existing in nature.

We love the sensory feeling of touching a natural raw material and appreciating the beauty in its imperfections. This sensory feeling makes you feel connected to nature while enjoying your yoga practice.

Our yoga accessories are crafted from a 100% natural raw material (cork). They all have unique variations that can only be found in nature, and we couldn’t find them more beautiful.

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